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More than just service of process.  Your trusted partner in legal support.

Hire a process server
in 90 seconds
or less.

Upload your case to local, verified process servers in all 50 states and get your signed proof of service, GPS and photo evidence.

Any Document. Anywhere.

Process service for savvy law firms.

Save Time

Save Time

It takes less than 90 seconds to upload your case for service, and you'll never have to follow-up.  We'll notify you every step of the way.
Impress Clients

Impress Clients

Keep your case moving smoothly with proper service of process and a perfect proof of service.  We know the rules so you don't have to.
Rest Easy

Rest Easy

Over 2,000 law firms and government agencies, including the US Department of Justice, trust ABC Legal process servers. 
Process Server Mobile App

Process Service Your Judge Will Trust

We'll meet the service requirements of your jursdiction, and your proof of service will be formatted specifically for your court. Guaranteed.

Plus, you'll have online access to every attempt detail including your process server's gps location at the time of service, photos taken at the service location, and a detailed description of the outcome.

Track Your Process Server from Dispatch to Doorstep

The minute you upload your case, you can monitor every step until you receive your signed proof of service.  Follow progress on your online dashboard, or rely on email notifications of key events.  

Our process servers report every attempt and successful service from their vehicles, immediately after the event, with photos and verified gps coordinates.
Process Server Online Dashboards

Watch how you can transform filing and service from your biggest problem into your new superpower.

Can Your Process Server Do This?

Features designed specifically for your legal operations.

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

You think it, we build it.  Hands-on collaboration with our enterprise customers.
Virtual Ride Along

Virtual Ride Along

Add client requirements to
ABC Mobile & gain direct
oversight of every service.
Data Integration

Data Integration

Import filing and service data directly into your case management application.
Real Time Notifications

Real Time Notifications

Receive instant notifications
within seconds of successful
Service Rate Increase

Service Rate Increase

Analytics, investigation,
& savvy process servers
increase service rates.
Venue Selection

Venue Selection

Upload data and quickly determine venue in complex jurisdictions like TX & CA.
Compliance Controls

Compliance Controls

Auditable policies built for
government agencies and
financial institutions.
GPS & Photo Evidence

GPS & Photo Evidence

Access your process server's coordinates and photos taken at the time of service.


Simple, flat-rate pricing.

  • • Locate an individual within 5 days
  • • Investigation results returned to you
  • • Outstanding online and phone support
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  • • Multiple services in a single case
  • • More than 15 services every month
  • • Dedicated account manager


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