Classic Website Retired

November 02, 2015

In order to protect your data, we have discontinued web access to our legacy software, previously available at

We continuously upgrade to the latest security protocols. ABC classic no longer meets our security criteria.

What to do if you were previously using

Law Firms & Customers:

How do I place an order?
Go to:

How do I access proofs, conformed copies, photos, or service details?
Login to search the current system; if you are unable to find your job, contact customer service to retrieve those docs for you.

How do I look up California court venues?
Use the updated California Court lookup tool on the customer web.

How do I request a special messenger delivery in western Washington?
Call 206-467-7000 or e-mail:

How do I access the Orange County E-Filing portal?
Click here

For Process Servers:

How do I report service attempts?
Continue to use the ABC Express mobile app – it is secure and unaffected by these changes.

All other questions?
Contact your local ABC dispatcher.

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