Reminder about ABC Reporting Requirements

August 16, 2016

ABC Process Servers - please take a few moments to review these important reminders about the requirements while serving process for ABC Legal:

Every activity must be reported:

  • using the ABC Mobile app,
  • at the service location,
  • with your device's GPS turned on
  • immediately following the service or attempt
✔ A photo must accompany each reported activity

The only exception to the above requirements is when your safety is at risk: leave the area and record the event details (including the scenario leading to an unsafe situation) once you are in a safe location. The following are not acceptable reasons for failure to meet these requirements:

  • Technical issues with mobile device or app, including:
    • Out of battery
    • Broken phone
    • Lack of cell service (the app will save your event, GPS and photos and transmit it when you return to an area of coverage and sync; turning off wifi or using airplane mode in poor coverage areas may help you experience trouble.)
  • Multiple services at a single location
  • Not having a job on your mobile packing list (resolve this issue before your first attempted service).

In the coming weeks and months, we will make several changes to the mobile app and website to align with these requirements. These changes will:

  • Remove the option to report service activities on the website (instead of using the mobile app)
  • Show your recent reporting statistics in the mobile app
  • Restrict the dispatch of services to individuals not meeting the reporting requirements outlined above.

To make sure your workflow from ABC Legal is not disrupted, just be sure you use the mobile app, with GPS on, to take a photo and record every service attempt (successful or not) you complete.

Finally, remember that ABC Legal has zero tolerance for falsified information. We will not work with anyone who falsely reports service or diligence information and will report evidence of criminal behavior, including perjury, to local authorities.

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