March 1, 2017 Pricing Changes

March 01, 2017

ABC Legal protects your legal practice with industry-leading technology, transparency, and the most honest and accurate service.

For the first time in more than six years, we are implementing a small price increase. We sent out a notice of this back on February 1st, so this is just a reminder that tomorrow, March 1st, the prices for our services will increase by an average of 3.4%. Some services will rise a bit more, some a bit less, and other services will remain unchanged.

Our prices are in line with industry standards and the rise of compliance implementation and oversight. We have added crucial features over the past six years without a single price change including: GPS capture at the time of service, photographic evidence, and real-time process server audit.

We didn’t stop there.

We added the "Virtual Ride Along," where your custom rules are systematically enforced at the doorstep on each and every service attempt. It’s built into our software and it supports all of your cases.

We added real-time process server credential and performance validation. Before your documents are dispatched for service, we validate the process server's license, registration, insurance, and background check, in real-time, on every service, for every attempt. Not quarterly or annually. That’s bulletproof.

We added a Performance Dashboard, where you have complete transparency and control. This is your go-to spot for order status, action items, court filing and service of process details.

We created a Compliance Dashboard, the ultimate tool in support of vendor oversight and client audits. All ABC Legal licensing, insurance, pre-signed NDA and SLAs, and policy documents are now at your disposal. You have unrestricted access to the credentials and performance details for every process server.

Some service orders require your attention and legal expertise. So we created Action Items. Action items are the backstop for all your cases and where your decisions are recorded, and then immediately dispatched, filed or canceled as appropriate. It’s built into our workflow and it supports all of your cases.

We know you have a choice of vendors. Thank you for your business.

Tim Dinehart
Chief Operations Officer

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