Service of Process

Your documents are bar-coded and dispatched to the best process servers, who are paid more and aspire to the highest standard. Our proprietary mobile app delivers GPS, photos and a real-time rules engine on every case, every doorstep, every time. You get honest and accurate service and time to practice law again.


To serve a defendant, first you must find them. Our licensed investigators perform comprehensive private investigations in civil, corporate, foreclosure, creditor and employment cases. ABC Legal is a licensed Private Investigative Agency with a focus on supporting service of process through accurate and timely skip-tracing.

Court Filing

Our logistics and court infrastructure is designed to file documents in every court, nationwide, within 24 hours. Filing preparation is based on venue requirements and customer business rules. We collate, staple two-hole punch, blue-back and attach all court-required forms.

International Service of Process

We are experts in international service of process under the Hague Service Convention as well as non-convention countries. We translate and certify the legal documents and leverage our extensive international process server network, reciprocity and our contacts at more than 82 foreign central authorities.

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Messenger & Document Retrieval

ABC doesn't just deliver. We expertly handle all tasks related to your documents and return conformed copies for your file. ABC Legal has built relationships over 40 years with court clerks and judges. We put these relationships to work daily to ensure your documents are filed accurately and retrieved quickly.

Audit & Compliance

Transparency is our superpower. You get a compliance dashboard with instant access and visibility into every process server that has ever worked on your files. It includes process server performance, insurance, licensure, policy documents, work standards, training, background checks and a consumer complaints log. Sleep well savvy lawyer!

We are innovative professionals working on smarter solutions for law firms and their clients.



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